How Does a Top Company Offering Real Estate Services Shortlist Commercial Properties?

How Does a Top Company Offering Real Estate Services Shortlist Commercial Properties?

The commercial real estate industry is booming and investing in it will make your portfolio stronger. Are you looking to invest in a commercial property? If yes, contacting a reputable company offering real estate services should be the way to go for you. That will ensure that your deal turns out to be profitable.

These service providers will consider a plethora of factors when shortlisting properties for you. The section below talks about some of the most important ones among them.

Companies Offering Real Estate Services Will First Check Property Locations

The location of the property happens to be the biggest factor when it comes to the profitability of a real estate investment. For a property to be lucrative, it must be located near certain amenities. If it’s a commercial property, its value depends on its proximity to markets, transport hubs, warehouses, tax-exempt zones, and freeways.


When an expert offering real estate services shortlists commercial property for his clients, he picks a location depending on its potential of evolving for the better over the coming years. There are certain features of a property’s area or neighborhood that might increase or decrease the value of the property. If it’s a property located near train tracks and power lines, an expert will ensure that you don’t end up investing in it. Such features devalue commercial properties.

Another big deciding factor is the area’s crime rate. You cannot expect to get a healthy amount by renting or selling the property if the rate of burglary, theft or more serious crimes is high in the area. Few people would sign a commercial lease agreement with you if your property were located close to sketchy establishments and clubs. The expert assisting you with your real estate investment will keep all these things in mind when searching for properties for you.

Size Also Matters for Companies Offering Real Estate Services

A commercial property’s fair market value often depends on its size. Measurements of buildings come in square feet (area of the building). So, when determining a property’s price, you’ll need to multiply the area of a given property with the per square foot rate you have agreed to.

This means the bigger would be your property, the greater would be the amount you’ll be getting by selling it. However, for enjoying the benefit of owning a large property through real estate services, you’ll need to invest a larger initial sum.

The Condition of the Property Is Crucial

If you are looking to earn by enlisting your property on websites offering commercialreal estate leasing services, make sure the condition of your property is reasonably good. The real estate expert you are working with will check every property’s condition before shortlisting it for you. The property you buy should have minimum problems and should be suitable for renovation. Always sign the agreement only after ensuring that the expenses of repairing are not excessively high.


The property you are looking to buy should not have issues like busted or clogged plumbing, leaky roofs, faulty HVAC systems. If you are investing in a property with a parking lot, make sure that the area scores heavily in the department of curb appeal. If a parking lot is not clean and attractive to look at, you’ll have a tough time finding vehicle owners who would rely on your leasing services. Selling such properties for good money will also be impossible.

At times, real estate services show you properties that have some minor defects that you can repair without spending a fortune. You should opt for such properties if they are situated in a good location. However, never commit the mistake of opting for sloppy DIY repairs. Such attempts will only diminish the property’s value.

Knowing the age of the property is also important. Ideally, you should stay away from buying commercial properties that are too old. That’s because such properties remain at greater risk of developing defects. Additionally, it’s not easy to sell or rent out old properties.

Final Words

Currently, America is witnessing a notable rise in the real estate industry. If you are looking to secure your future, this is the right time to invest in a commercial property. Seeking assistance from a company offering real estate services will increase your chances of having a profitable deal.

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