Things to Know Before Renting a House in USA

Things to Know Before Renting a House in USA

Often, a lot of people prefer renting a house instead of purchasing one. This is simply because of the numerous benefits it offers. Renting a house in USA typically comes with a lower monthly cost because you have to worry about paying for insurance, property taxes, maintenance, and home repairs.

Besides, renting a house also offers greater flexibility in terms of moving out as and when you want. Today, we will look at the many factors you need to consider before renting an apartment in the USA. So, let’s begin.

Rules and Procedure of Renting a House in USA

You can initiate the rental process by searching for options online. Research the neighborhood you would like to stay in and find out the rental housing options available there.

how can i rent a house in usa

If you are searching for an apartment, you will find mostly find only furnished options. There will be hardly any options for an unfurnished apartment. On the other hand, the chances of finding an unfurnished house for rental are still likely.

There are plenty of online marketplaces, local newspaper classifieds, and other similar tools to search for rental options. Additionally, you can get in touch with a renowned real estate planning agency to help you identify the best property and avoid scams.

Once you have selected an apartment or a house that you wish to rent in USA, you can fill out a rental application. Typically, this application is put together by the landlord and includes the terms of the rental contract.

What Are the Documents Needed for Renting a House in USA?

To rent out a house in the USA, you need to provide the following documents to your landlord:

  • Your valid passport and visa
  • Financial information, including your bank statement, proof of support, etc.
  • Social Security Number, SSN, if already obtained
  • Proof of employment in USA, such as an employment contract or an authenticated letter from your employer
  • Contact details of previous landlords

Rental or Leasing Contracts

When renting a house in USA, you need to make sure you understand the type of tenancy contract you prefer.

A lease is a rental document that is valid for a fixed period, for instance, six months, one year, or so on. Once the period ends, the lease has to be extended if both parties wish to prolong the contract. During the length of the contract, the landlord cannot make any changes to the agreement (such as the amount of rent) unless both parties agree upon it.

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Rental agreements, on the other hand, are short-term contracts that typically last for a couple of months. These contracts get renewed automatically unless a written notice of termination is issued. Also, in this type of agreement, the landlord can change the terms of the contract after giving prior notice.

Moving on, your rental contract should include the following information:

  • Length of the rental contract
  • Termination clause
  • End-of-contract obligation for both parties involved
  • The due date for rent
  • Method of payment
  • Actions to be taken in the event of late payment
  • Utility bills payment
  • Clause for repairs and maintenance
  • Security deposit amount and when it has to be returned

Renting a House in USA as a Foreigner

Whether you are a local or a foreigner looking to rent a house in the USA, the procedure is quite the same. The only difference is that as a foreigner, you may have to furnish some additional documents to prove your financial stability.

Any person who enters the US does not have a US credit record initially. Consequently, your landlord will not be able to discern your financials from that. And this is why all foreigners must be prepared to showcase their international credit scores and employment documentation to the landlord. In certain cases, they may also have to pay a higher security deposit.

Renting a House in USA

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned information will make the process of renting a house in the USA easier for you. Before you move into your rented house, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. Find out if there are any restrictions for pets, stairway maintenance, quiet hours, etc. This will help you settle well into the setup and maintain good relations with the people around you.

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