Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Establishing a company or opening a bank account in USA may both hamper your business and result in mess in your daily financial transactions, if you don’t have a professional consultancy from our company. Due to your increasing business, number of financial transactions and content of the accounting books will be also increase. Thus, you will need to outsource of these issues to the dedicated hands of our team.

In USA, tax is a very important issue and should be guided by experienced specialists. Filing tax in proper format, preparing the tax declarations due to the related accounting legislation, tax returns, ignoring double taxation, bookkeeping, preparing payrolls, local and online banking services and advantageous taxing are main examples of our accounting team’s professional aids. 

In order to legally registered and protected, to receive and transfer money properly, one should open a bank account in USA for trading and business. Once having EIN, anyone can open a business bank account. 

Having an authorized accountant who speaks for you in USA, make easier financial management of your investments in this country. You will be taken seriously by the banks and financial institutions, if being represented by our accounting team. 

Indeed, we set up the most suitable accounting system for your needs. This system allows you to easily record your transaction, while on the other hand it can be also adapted to future’s accounting software. 

We provide professional help both for cash and accrual methods of accounting. Establishing chart of accounts makes easier track for your records and one can follow the transactions in a feasible way. 

Our smart bookkeeping services will save time for you and it also avoids unforeseen and undesired costs. In addition, we customized our payroll services to satisfy your specific demands and to guarantee penalty free tax services.