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Brand Registration, Copyright, Trademark and Patent Services

Globalization of economy and rapid logistic with integrated information technology requires protection of intellectual property rights. Due to the complex structure of market and elaborated legal regulations of industry, registration of brands and take out of patent gain much more importance than the past. 

Our team proficiently helps clients to solve their intellectual property right problems. Topics of our services vary in a wide range such as brand registry, patent, copyright, trademark, business secret, licensing and other related matters. In addition, we serve all those solutions with an extensive approach and the cheapest way. 

Our team generally supports our business partners by improving the essential issues of their commerce and business.  We manage the processes of trademark and patent prosecution, know-how licensing, joint-venture projects, cooperative agreements, production, domain consultancy, arbitration and mediation. We guide our clients for all documentation and preparations for brand and property ownership and bargaining period all types of business transaction.

We provide a qualitative spectrum of services to our distinguished clients, which include followings but are not limited: 

•    Intellectual property rights and procurement
•    Brand registry and patent application
•    Patent rights, prosecution, transfer and warranties
•    Copyright and trademark
•    Business secret and related cases
•    Licensing
•    Protection of original logo, web site, domain name, creative products, customized software